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eSpacio is the simplest and most affordable way to build a website for your business


Discover the power of e-commerce to boost your sales and leave your customers smiling.


New sales channel


Increase your orders


Receive more accurate orders and manage them from your mobile website, no chat necessary

New benefits


Empowered Customers


Let your customers order online from your entire product catalog with the click of a button. Leave the data protection to us.

Launch your business into the digital world in 3,2,1!



With eSpacio, you can create your e-commerce in just a few steps


Create your store


 Enter your store name

✓ Select the domain

 Complete your store’s contact information


Catalog Upload


 eSpacio will handle initial catalog

upload and setup with your POS data

 Keep your products and prices up

to date after initial upload


Store Setup


 Customize the look of your site with

your store colors and logo

 Pick your preferred payment method(s)

 Setup delivery or in-store pickup (or both)


Start Selling Online


✓ Manage new (and ongoing) orders

 Drive traffic to your site!

Building your

e-commerce is easier with eSpacio


Enjoy all the benefits of joining us.


    What do I need to run an eSpacio site?

    You need to be able to manage orders and handle deliveries quickly and seamlessly for best customer experience. To keep your product catalogue and pricing up to date based on your current inventory. And, most importantly drive consumers to order from your site.

    How do I know if I’m a good fit for eSpacio?

    If you have a high volume of daily orders and/or your delivery orders are large, having a website is the best way to manage your sales quickly and easily at an affordable price.

    What do I need to build my website with eSpacio?

    Firstly, you need to have cash registers and be willing to share your data with eSpacio for us to setup your catalogue. Secondly, you need a cell phone to create and manage the store site. Lastly, you need to be committed to making your website thrive.

    Who will manage my website?

    You will! We recommend having a dedicated person to receive your website orders, handle deliveries, and update your prices and inventory for the most efficient customer experience. That way, your customers will really recognize the benefits of ordering through your site.

    Is it necessary to offer delivery service to have a website?

    Although ideal, it is not mandatory. You can setup your store to only offer in-store pickup.

    Do I need programming skills to build my website?

    Absolutely not! eSpacio is a very intuitive web builder through your phone. If you follow our instructions, in just a few steps you can quickly create your website. And to top it off, eSpacio helps you with the first catalogue setup!

    How are payments handled?

    Your clients will be able to choose their preferred payment method when receiving their order: cash or digital wallets.

    Is creating a website easy?

    It is with eSpacio! Growing your online presence is easier than ever. eSpacio helps you create your website and setup your product catalogue, all compatible with mobile devices.

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